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Be CIPC Compliant


Be CIPC Compliant - What it means

This initiative takes forward the Group's drive to ensure that the issues surrounding the use of valued CIPC sprout suppressants in potato stores are addressed by the entire potato industry, where there are currently no alternatives for many businesses supplying UK fresh and processed potatoes.

Since the formation of the Group, significant progress has been made, with a rise in awareness of the risks relating to residues being found on potatoes in excess of the Maximum Residue Level (MRL), and corresponding changes in the management of CIPC in potato stores and dose rates applied. Yet, the clear imperative remains to generate change, with low level exceedances continuing to be found.

Results and on-going commitments include:

- Millions of pounds worth of investment in R&D, with further industry investment in specialist store equipment.

- Industry and government support to understand integrating CIPC use with alternative sprout suppressant strategies.

- New and strengthening Red Tractor Farm Assurance (RTFA) incorporating CIPC best practice.

- An independently audited CIPC Applicators Group under the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC).

The industry remains reliant upon this treatment, with some 1.2 million tonnes of stored crop receiving CIPC. It's therefore more important than ever that full compliance is achieved and that best practice guidelines for the use of CIPC are fully adhered to. Click here to review the key regulatory requirements. 

CIPC and crops other than ware potatoes

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