CIPC application conditions

2017 CIPIC Application - Store Owners Guide 
Additional controls from CIPC approval holders, backed by the Potato Industry Stewardship Group, mean all applications now need to be made using ‘active recirculation’. Different ways of preparing potato stores for active recirculation are shown in a new Stewardship booklet entitled CIPC APPLICATION: A STORE OWNER’S GUIDE available here.

As well as the introduction of active recirculation, new lower dose rates have come into force as the final step of the dose reduction programme which was agreed with regulators four years ago. In addition, the maximum individual dose rate for CIPC has been reduced to 12 g per tonne. These changes are necessary to maintain efficacy of CIPC whilst ensuring that the risk of exceedance of the Maximum Residue Level is minimised. They will also bring UK use within the maximum total dose approved across Europe.

Total dose rates for 2019 crops are 24g/tonne for the fresh market and 36g/tonne for processing.