CIPC: no decision yet on future use 24 April

The industry is managing CIPC use in stores under new labels this season. They indicate lower dose rates and require adherence to Stewardship best practice (including No Fan, No Fog), ahead of the EU review of its use.

That EU review process is still ongoing and, although there has been the routine, precautionary publication by the World Trade Organisation of a ‘Barriers to Trade’ document at the end of March, the position remains that no decisions have yet been made by the Commission.  The CIPC Task Force (a consortium of approval holders) have shown that an acceptable consumer risk assessment is possible and believe that CIPC merits renewal, based on the data submitted. 

Dr Mike Storey, chairman of the CIPC Potato Industry Stewardship Group, stresses that Industry stakeholders in the UK and other Member States have been very active in emphasising the critical importance of CIPC.  “In the UK we have continued our high level of stewardship, demonstrating industry commitment to minimise the risk of any MRL exceedance.  This is working and there have been no MRL exceedances reported in the UK since February 2014”.