Following non-renewal in Europe,  a question and answer document has been issued on the wind-down of CIPC. The document was prepared by the CIPC taskforce on behalf of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group, and in response to questions from industry and stakeholders.

Although the EU has given a use-up date (grace period) of 8 October 2020, this has not yet been published for the UK. The Chemicals Regulation Division of HSE, the responsible authority in the UK, may require an earlier date than the one set by the EU.

The Stewardship Group sees 2019-20 as the last season for CIPC, because of uncertainties over when the new MRL will come into force.  Mike Storey, Chairman of  the PICSG says,  "There are significant risks to businesses, and the reputation of the industry could be compromised if used in the 2020 season because of the many unknowns around the timing, and level of setting a tMRL".

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