Short dormancy break means early CIPC applications essential

AS potato crops come into store, growers are being urged to prepare for short dormancy break periods, as a result of the warmer, brighter conditions during the growing season.

Potato Council technologist and member of the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group (PICSG) Adrian Briddon, says this is adding to the imperative to apply sprout suppressant chlorpropham (CIPC) as early as possible.

Mr Briddon reminds growers the ‘Be CIPC Compliant’ initiative, launched last month, urges growers and contractors to apply CIPC as early as feasible, once crops have gone into store.

He says: “This strategy improves product efficacy and, where applicable, extends the interval period between applications.”


The 2013 season is compounding the issue, with potato sprouting likely to occur earlier than normal. “As a consequence, the timing of applications of the sprout suppressant ‘CIPC’ will be crucial. There is no reason to delay.”

There are no prescriptive time periods for CIPC applications, but it is important crop owners view CIPC as a product which is applied as a preventative rather than a curative measure to comply with stewardship objectives, says Mr Briddon. “As soon as the crop is dried and cured, CIPC should be applied,” he says.

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